Address of the Trust:Honorswap

There is no place for scam tokens on Honorswap or similar DeFi platforms. When creating a token in such DeFi ecosystems, liquidity can be added without any form of control. Later, these token holders manipulate the token's value by preventing sales through undisclosed restrictions or allowing sales only among themselves (manipulation). They promote this artificially inflated token value through social media and other channels to attract users, encouraging them to continually buy the token. However, when users want to sell, they realize they have been scammed.

In the Honorswap ecosystem, no one can add a new token to the system without approval from the ecosystem. To apply, one needs to submit an application, and this process is entirely free. The application requirements are as follows:

  1. The token must be verified on BscScan or the respective network.

  2. There should be no restrictions on the token owner, contract addresses, or similar factors that would affect buying and selling.

  3. The token must not be a copy, fake, or imitation of an existing token.

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