BNB Finance

The system offers a fixed yield opportunity by depositing BNB, allowing locking periods of monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, or yearly increments. In the respective field, a table outlines escalating interest rates based on the invested amount and duration, presenting investment prospects. The system's objective is to provide liquidity to the HonorSwap ecosystem. The following rules are implemented when adding liquidity to the system:

  • 20% of the deposited amount is used to acquire BUSD. Half of the acquired BUSD is utilized for BNB liquidity, while the other half is allocated for Honor Token liquidity.

  • From the remaining amount, the initial 20% is deducted. 50% of the initial investment remains, and this portion is utilized to add BNB-Honor liquidity.

  • The remaining 20% is used to purchase Honor Tokens.

Investment Rules

  • Investments made into the system have a fixed interest rate that remains constant until the end of the maturity period. Changes in the interest rate within the system do not affect the invested amount. The interest remains fixed until the investment is withdrawn.

  • Investments are locked until the end of the maturity period. If an early withdrawal is requested, 10% of the investment amount will be deducted without accruing any interest.

  • If the investment is not withdrawn at maturity, the maturity period does not extend, but the investor continues to earn interest. For instance, if you invested in a one-month interest and you don't withdraw the investment at the end of 30 days but decide to withdraw it on the 40th day, you will receive an additional 10 days' worth of interest.

  • The invested amounts are added to the system as liquidity. When a withdrawal is requested, there might not be enough BUSD in the system, but there are tokens available to cover it. In such a situation, an additional income of 3% of the accrued interest amount is added, and the payment is made in Honor Tokens.

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