Honor Finance

In the relevant area, an investment opportunity is presented with increasing interest rates based on the deposited amount and duration, presented in a tabular format. The system's goal is to provide liquidity to the HonorSwap ecosystem. When adding liquidity to the system, the following rules are applied:

  • Liquidity is provided with honor tokens through the acquisition of BNB and other tokens based on the rules set by the system.

Investment Rules

  • Interest remains fixed until the end of the maturity period once the system has received an investment. Any changes in interest within the system do not affect the initial investment made. Interest remains constant as long as the investment is not withdrawn.

  • The investment is locked until the end of the maturity period. If an early withdrawal is desired, 5% of the investment amount is deducted without reflecting any interest.

  • Upon entering the system, the price of Honor Token in BUSD is recorded in the contract. Profits are realized in BUSD. Users should pay attention to this aspect. The system offers a net yield opportunity. To illustrate with an example:

  • Let's assume that 1,000 Honor tokens are invested into the system at a price of 1 BUSD per Honor. The user has invested an amount of 1,000 BUSD. Assuming an annual interest rate of 40%, at the end of the maturity period, the user would obtain Honor tokens worth 1,400 BUSD. The acquired value in BUSD is independent of the value of Honor.

    If at the end of the maturity period, the value of Honor reaches 2 BUSD, the user would receive 700 Honor tokens (1,400 BUSD / 2 = 700 Honor).

    Similarly, if at the end of the maturity period, Honor is valued at 0.5 BUSD, the user would receive 2,800 Honor tokens (1,400 BUSD / 0.5 = 2,800 Honor).


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